Thursday, October 16, 2008

O Canada

I have saved (in draft form) three separate posts about the possibility of a McCain presidency, about the need for action here at home, and about how even if everything goes to hell I will stay in this nation working to make things better. The implicit point behind all of these posts was to argue that moving to Canada will solve nothing.

Fortunately, I have no need for those posts:

That blue column? Seats awarded to the conservative party.


Evan said...

What really saddens me is that the Canadian, French, Swedish, British, and just about every other country's conservative party is more liberal on most things than the American "liberal party" - the Democrats. As noble as I'm sure staying in the US to help solve its problems will be, the fact remains that a majority of Americans, if the situation becomes so dire that one must make the choice of staying or going, will be so brainwashed and so ignorant that I doubt it will make a difference. All hail the New American Dynasty! All hail the regime of neofascism!

Obviously, I exaggerate, but who knows, things could get that bad.

Kelsey Atherton said...


It's worth bearing in mind that (with the exception of Canada and other former British possessions) most other Western nations have had to endure governments further to either extreme than anything the United States has had. We are, at our core, a centrist country. Our election system aims both parties at the center (and keeps the system to two parties), and for all it's faults, it means that American politics doesn't radicalize at any rate faster than a significant chunk of the center can be radicalized. We have never had socialist governments, and even at peak strength US socialists have never been as strong as they are even now in France or Italy. But we've also never had fascists, and can't have fascists - the center won't allow it without a viable far-left threat, and that isn't happening either.

People will stick around and will change things. American politics cannot move faster than the center, and it won't. Our job is just making the center sane, and part of that is keeping smart leftists here for the long haul, away from a government as fickle as that of Canada (which can shift further right through a casual failure of plurality).

Keep Calm and Carry On, bucko.