Monday, June 9, 2008

Where does the internet go next?

I alluded to it earlier (in this post), and now that it's up on Boingboing I may as well link again. This is brilliant. Jonathan Zittrain has a book out, available through the creative commons, and his thinking about where the internet wants to go and how to let it get there despite business is quite fascinating. The interview is fantastic, just great stuff. Here's my favorite excerpt from the excerpt:
It is not easy to imagine the PC going extinct, and taking with it the possibility of allowing outside code to run—code that is the original source of so much of what we find useful about the Internet. But along with the rise of information appliances that package those useful activities without readily allowing new ones, there is the increasing lockdown of the PC itself. PCs may not be competing with information appliances so much as they are becoming them. The trend is starting in schools, libraries, cyber caf├ęs, and offices, where the users of PCs are not their owners. The owners’ interests in maintaining stable computing environments are naturally aligned with technologies that tame the wildness of the Internet and PC, at the expense of valuable activities their users might otherwise discover.

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