Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hypocrisy 2

Last time I blogged, I was talking about the hypocrisy of an education program. The program struck me as painfully familiar, which it turns out it was. A good friend of mine from our La Amikoj days was out at a youth conference the day they tried this program at his school. As he says:
They made sure to recruit the kids who the administration knew. Most of them were in the same classes though. So there were a bunch of classrooms that had 3 of them, and a lot more that had none. Lots of people crying. I don't think they even told all the teachers. It got really bad because people started text messaging parents who knew them.
It was perhaps one of the most twisted things I have ever heard of perpetrated on our school campus. I know lots of people complained. But they never publicly apologized for anything (that I know of).
According to my girlfriend, it was set up (at least in part) by our student senate. And it was the principal who delivered the message. I don't think the police had much (if anything) to do with it at our school.
This is disempowerment, and it's a little sick and a little funny that the student government had a major hand in setting it up. It is particularly bad when youth appointed to protect youth betray that trust.

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