Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Micro-Blog Roundup: Wall Street Time!

Recently four of my favorite Albuquerque-based blogs posted commentaries on the wall street crash.

iMinister: Calling the treasury secretary on his shit

Kittens for Jesus: Evan looks through the actual legislation and unmasks lovecraftian horrors! Fortunately, he has a partisan picture with which to cheer partisans.

Burque Babble: Scot Key is snarky. What, you expected something else? The snark is, as always, premium grade.

Jfleck: John puts it all in perspective, and as added bonus, he does it by quoting the Secretary General of the UN

Enjoy! I'd throw my own opinion around, but I'm just hoping that we don't have another repeat of crash/decade long depression/world war.

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