Saturday, April 26, 2008

My External Brain

I've way too many ideas I want to write about right now, and I'm in that last little bit of Finals prep time, so they will all have to wait for more in depth discussion later. For now, it'll be a quick round-up.

1. Posts each on the 7 UU principles. Series are good, and I've tried two or three attempts at this that haven't materialized. It is hard to get just one, and it is especially hard to hit upon everything I want to discuss (vegetarianism, social justice, etc)

2. The Welfare state. It's the pet focus of my favorite professor, and it keeps overlapping with discussions and notions of inherent worth and dignity, which may explain why I can't get #1 done.

3. Social Responsibility/Individual Freedom
I'm lacking good retorts to libertarians, and while I appreciate them on civil rights, the breakdown is such that the obligations of a government to its people are often sacrificed in debate. This needs to change, and I need to get these half-formed ideas done.

4. Israel. This one is asking for trouble, but it's Roy's legacy, and I would be remiss not to flesh out my reasoning on a taboo and fatal political topic.

5. Common Grounds, which is an exciting social justice organization. They are as close as I have gotten to finding an institution that is a personal equivalent of Robert McGoey's involvement with the Coalition of Immokolee Workers, and they are fantastic.

There are more ideas, but today involved some hard work:

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