Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Forgotten Unitarian College Kids

It turns out BUUYA is a pre-existing acronym, which has something to do with Boston. Another term will need creation to meet the need, but until I hear a good one I'm sticking with it.

Not to replace the term but to further enhance the vocabulary of discussion, I've heard (and will soon be adopting) a new term that, as far as I know, originated among Vancouver UUs. The term? "Forgotten Unitarian College Kids", or the simple and abrasive acronym, FUCK. Because this segment of the faith is clever and bitter like that.

And, maybe, just maybe, there is some real hurt behind this, some feeling that bridging is more like being thrown into the Bering Strait, and the process has all the deliberate guidance of the vast, uncaring sea. YRUUs change, if it isn't demise, is surely something radical and will be more like reincarnation than resurrection, and so will be necessarily different enough to help air the issues that are tied into this. Ministry, while it can be effectively compartmentalized into "Youth, Young Adult, and Baseline Adult", needs to be a continuous thing, and having clearly demarcated bounds may only be harmful without proper structures to accompany the clear metaphors of ritual. Bridging should be to somewhere, and young adult community just doesn't feel like the proper drop off point for the 18-22 year olds. This is the question and the gap addressed by the FUCKs. Abrasive, but it sure warrants change.

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