Saturday, December 8, 2007

Three Quick Things

I've been meaning to get back into the 2008 election fray, with posts covering other candidates I know next to nothing about (which, honestly, would be all of them). While it's a bit rough to wade through such rhetoric and ponder what this nation would look like if it was implemented, it's also proved invaluable to me in small-talk political debate, so ever the academic I'll be bettering my own knowledge (and maybe yours?) in the future. If you have a particular candidate you want me to analyze, let me know in the comments; I'm leaning towards discussing McCain but I'm open to suggestions.

Right now, however, my blogging energies have been exhausted lately with a debate about police. I can't exactly recommend reading the whole thing, and since the forum topic has been closed there's no point in weighing in further. I am, however, happy with what I wrote, and I think the content there may help to overcome the initial frustration of the poster.

Lastly, so as not to leave you without witty political commentary, I'd like to direct you to this page by the brilliant writer of indexed (another really good read). Here's a taste:

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