Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today is the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. When it first hit, I was a junior in high school in Albuquerque. Today, two years to the day after the worst natural (and engineering, some would say) disaster, I am in the very city that was worst hit, and it's a little weird.

But, classes begin. No time at the moment for retrospectives, certainly nothing I could say would defeat the intense media spectacle I am currently avoiding. The media will come, the media will sensationalize and then leave without motivating real work, and then New Orleans will remain, as is. Only - slightly getting better. New crime, new horrors, but the city is coming back. It's an inevitability, and with luck, it'll revive in a way that removes blemishes and other signs of adolescence. Really, the city doesn't need a rebirth so much as it needs a second coming of age.

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