Thursday, May 24, 2007

Definitive Stands

1. Affirmative Action should be changed from race-based to class based. Eliminates most of the controversy, changes it from a corrective action for sins of the past to an active policy correcting the injustice of today. Given the dynamics of race and class in this country, and the huge overlap of injustice along these lines, the effect would be similar to what it is at present, but done more equitably and justly.

2. Agricultural Subsidies in the US should be changed - either abolished, provided only to goods sold within the united states, or listed as what they really are - defense budget items. Native food production, bolstered by tax dollars, only makes sense for the event in which the US is under siege. Having domestic production is a good idea, but it does us little when allows farmers to sell overseas at a large profit, and doesn't lessen the cost of native production.

More will come later. For now, its time to play in the yard with the dog. May is a wonderful month.

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Christine Robinson said...

I like your definitive stands!