Friday, April 6, 2007

Trinity, part 1

I'm going with the family to the trinity site this weekend, and so i'll try and do a multi-part post about it.

First - Power, in all its forms, is a fascinating thing to me. Atomic power, energy, and weapons are perhaps the greatest overstepping of what humans should be capable of, and was accomplished through a tremendous exertion of human will, intellect, and definitely some dire circumstances and abuses of power.

The bomb as the first use of atomic power is really an unforgivable thing. This amount of energy, this potential resource here, should not have been brought into existence with a weapon as the intended purpose.

Trinity would be a more redeeming place if it was the test site of an atomic reaction, and not an atomic weapon.

But its the weapon we live with, and its the weapon that is forever tied there. I'm a generation to young to be speculating seriously on the hard-line nuclear debates, but the smaller one, the three-nuke countries and the growing number of small nuclear arsenals will make this place perhaps of more significance in an era of probably increasing nuclear proliferation.

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