Saturday, March 10, 2007


I entered high school with a plan to create an underground newspaper, and finally, after four years, I've got one going. It's had three issues, released Oct. 31st '06., Feb. 16th '07, an March 9. '07. It's a fun little experiment. The tricky part is that, under the APS (Albuquerque Public School) Student Behavior handbook, all "Student publications are subject to prior restraint and censorship. (See Procedural Directive for detail)". So, assuming I've done anything worthy of offense, I'll be subject to some process that I can't, currently, get information on. Whee!

It doesn't really matter. People'd have to read it before they'd try and get me in trouble.

I'll keep my eyes out for some free-student-press thing so that this can become something like bloggably relevant.

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