Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Student Government, part 2

As hinted at earlier, I have serious issues with student government. It's an organization that should be acting to protect the Rights of students, and it ends up failing wholly at that while instead becoming a dis-empowering force. That is to say, student government doesn't do any governing, and instead, they plan dances and other activities. Now, most people would be content if all their government did was plan parties.

I'm more than a tad annoyed.

What got to me today, however, was this (Edit- this should be a link to "Sandia Senior has Deep Love of Politics" article at the Albuquerque Journal. It worked earlier, doesn't now). A student body president may well have political interests. However, planning "community service projects and school events" is not political interests.. It does not constitute a deep love of politics. Politics, in the strictest sense of the word, is about working with groups. Political interest is almost never interpreted that way, but given the definition, the article's title is justified.

Still, I was looking for some grand idealist, some visionary, or someone with something more valid, more interesting to say than
"That [planning Prom- D.] was a whole lot of work, ...Everyone thinks it's no big deal."

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