Sunday, December 31, 2006

Toy Soldiers

So, lighter, happier stuff.

1. I found tiny plastic ninjas (or ninja for the more accurate nipponophile) recently, and they have made me very happy. The vending machines at a local John Brooks had them, and it was the first time I had seen them since I was in third grade. I had lots of fun with these guys, and even did a science fair experiment hurling them out of a catapult onto the street. So, while I normally roll pirate, I am happy with the prospect of a horde of cheap little warriors. While they are fun for a quarter, getting a hundred for eight bucks will be exciting.

2. I'm annoyed with Games Workshop, since they are now charging more and advertising more while abandoning gamers with little cash and an actual interest in the world of the game (and not just the trinkets). So, I've been at work again, trying to design a game with the sibling, and seeing how far that gets us. With luck, home-brewed games may again be a possibility. And yes, this means I may well be rolling dice for ninjas.

Well, off for an evening of firefly. Yay.

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